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How Andrew went from $0 to $10,000



NAME: Andrew Monter
EARNINGS: $10,000
NICHE: Fitness


Originally giving only 1 on 1 training sessions, Andrew decided to have that financial freedom and start his own online fitness business in January. At first he was earning around $3K and thought that he could continue doing this by himself. However, he found out that he needed some help to increase his income even more and joined the Fitpreneur Academy. In his first month on joining Fitpreneur he hit $10K and earned around $10,800 in May. He found the program really easy to follow as everything was laid out to him step by step. He learned that he needs to put himself out there and do things that he is not comfortable with such as reaching out to people, getting on phone calls, converting that to sales in order to be successful. His mindset changed when approaching to clients, from trying to sell something to trying to help them change their life.