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How Damion went from $0 to $10,000

NAME: Damion
EARNINGS: $10,000
NICHE: Fitness


Damion quit his job suddenly and was struggling a lot after that. When he started the program he was training at the gym and already knew that he wasn’t going to keep working there. After joining the  Fitpreneur Academy he learned about call outreach and how to set up the system. He worked really hard to build that foundation to get it run smoothly which worked out pretty well. He hit $10K 2 months after he joined the program and he still does call outreach but most of his clients have been referrals. He was getting clients at $1K and hit the $10K goal pretty quickly after that. He learned how to look approachable which helped a lot with his business. The program was really easy to follow and he could always go back or ask questions.