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How Elen went from $0 to $5,000


NAME: Eleni Demos
EARNINGS: $5,000
NICHE: Fitness


Eleni had big dreams of wanting to start an online fitness business, she had a multitude of ideas backed with both resources and experience. The only issue was she had no idea where to start. With no clear jumping-off point and with 0 initial clients she joined Simplified Scaling, where she now has 10+ calls a day with various clients, making 5k a month and is well on her way to make 10k. Thanks to Simplified Scaling easy to follow program, Eleni now has a clear path to help her reach out to various people and not only grow her business but the community around her as well. Her success is in large part due to her passion and ambition with just a little bit of guidance from Simplified Scaling.