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How Mark went from $0 to $20,000

NAME: Mark
EARNINGS: $20,000
NICHE: Fitness


Mark signed up to the program at the beginning of January and since then he has not only hit $10K a month which was his goal, but also reached more than $15K a month. Before the program he did have a decently successful business but it wasn’t anywhere near it could be. He was not putting so much effort before and he was just sending out the prices when people had no idea about what the program is all about. After finishing the week 1 and 2 of the program he just started applying those strategies and people became more interested. It became really easy to have conversations with people and get them on board. He learned that he needs to really ask questions to the person to get a background of their life and struggles and help them accordingly. The program was very easy to follow for him and there was 24/7 support.